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Half the fun is getting there! It’s a spectacular trip — the drive is a reason in itself for visiting the desert. It’s an eclectic mix of mountain passes, lush valleys, Berber villagesclinging to the mountain side, dilapidated kasbahs, palm groves and we inspiring rock formations. It is simply an exciting voyage, as one travels through a myriad of landscapes from the frenetic activity of Marrakech to the calm and open vistas of the desert.

The trip to the desert is quite long, about 9 hours, but it should not be rushed. There’s a timelessness about the desert, and the trip should not be governed by the need to arrive anywhere at a specific time. For sure, one wants to arrive at the camp near sunset, but you don’t want to hurry either.

Ideally, the preferred itinerary, provided you have time, is to spend one night at a Kasbah in Road to the desert, some days in the desert and then return to Marrakech or Fez (Fes). if you don’t have so much time available, you can either drive direct to the desert, or reduce the length of stay at the camp to two nights.

So, if you are going directly to the camp from Marrakech or Fes, we suggest you depart as early as possible, about 06:00. If staying on route a departure sometime after breakfast is fine.

Most guests take a 4×4 with driver, not only because it is more relaxing and informative, but also because the camp is difficult to find and the drive in the desert quite technical. However, it is also possible to self-drive as far as ERFOUD and rent from there a 4×4 with driver. For those seeking adventure you can rent a 4×4 in Marrakech and drive to the camp although you will require a guide from Erfoud or Merzouga .

There is no specific itinerary, because everyone has different interests and wants to do things at a different pace.

Commercial flights

The nearest commercial airport is Errachidia, which is 2 hours from the camp. There are 5 flights per week from Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc.

You also have another option starting from Marrakech to Ouarzazate, 5 hours drive from the camp. (2 flights per week).

More information is available on the Royal Air Maroc website, www.royalairmaroc.com

Air Arabia also proposes 1 flight / week from Fes to Errachidia – www.airarabia.com

Private Jet

Travelling by plane or private jet is indeed the fastest way to reach the desert.

Best means of transport for those who do not have time. The nearest airport from Merzouga is Errachidia (2hours drive).

Prices on request only. Please ask for a quotation.

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